Jewelry Repair

We know that your jewelry is valuable, all those memories and moments that represent your loved ones; and we know you want to take care of this treasure as best possible. That is why we have the best technology to give you the peace of mind that your jewelry is in the best hands. Our latest generation laser plus over 30 years of experience in the field ensure that your jewelry can’t be in better hands.  

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Jose Peña

Bench Jeweler

Jose is part of our team since 1997, he grew up learning the secrets of jewelry repair, his over 35 years of experience in the industry certified him as one of the best Bench Jewelers in the area. He can transform almost any damaged jewelry into a gorgeous piece that you can feel proud of.

Our technology

We can do almost anything


Laser Welding

Laser Welding processes generate light energy that can be absorbed into materials and converted to heat energy. By employing a light beam in the infrared electromagnetic spectrum, we can transmit this energy from its source to almost any material, from gold and silver to platinum and stainless steel



Polishing is a necessary part of the finishing process to remove scratches, nicks, and other mars in the metal. Polishing will restore worn gold, silver, or platinum to its original shine.



Whether you spend time at the beach in the sun,  or just take your jewelry with you everywhere, the oils in your skin, suntan lotions, chlorine, and other chemicals can reduce the beauty or even damage jewelry.  Cleaning it can save you from ruining it, and will restore the original luster that drew you to the piece in the first place. A jewelry steamer is the fast, easy, and effective way to clean and sanitize your jewelry without the use of harsh chemicals.

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Gold Engraving and Cutting

The perfect way to get your jewelry personalized; our automatic engraving and cutting machines give you the custom jewelry you deserve; from engraving in babies bracelets to gold name plates, our specialized staff  will make sure that your piece looks just as unique and beautiful as you


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